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For me real estate isn’t just a job but it my passion, There are many real estate agents and companies in Bangkok.


When I started to become a real estate agent I have no fear but only faith, I started from zero to hundred to rich my goals in this bussiness, I’ve learned many things about this business until I found how I love my job. What I love in this business is that I can help people because I know to finding a home isn’t easy and it take a lot of time to search to find what you really like and is matching with you and your family.


This job is like a challenge for me everyday I’ve met many people and talk to them exchange the experience and find their need. It's not easy sometimes you have to handle with emotional, problem and else, but one thing to make me succeed and keep going is never give up. I never give up with problems I always find solutions and always think positive. If my clients happy I am happy that is my key to success.